Sunday, 30 December 2012

Thieving tips about pick pocketing

Thieving is an interesting and members only skill on runescape, Farmer100 wants to share some thieving tips about pick pocketing.

Pick pocketing is cool; especially pick the pocket of a NPC. My favorite NPC is Men/Women, who providers you awesome experience. If you are successful, you will gain some experience and loot, while if you fail, you will be stunned so that you can not move for a few seconds, even cause 10-50 life points.

When thieving, it is better to bring healing familiars, or food such as cakes, so that you can get higher chance to be successful. To avoid attacking accidentally from NPC, you’d better equip some type of bow, without arrows. There are also some items for you to increase thieving success rate, such as gloves of silence, which require you a hunter level of 54 with your cheap runescape accounts. Another common item is the Ardougne cloak 3, which increases your chances of not getting caught.

Enjoy your gaming time!

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