Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Do you think farmer100 scam?

Farmer100 scam.

Do you think farmer100 scam? Well, don’t say the answer too fast. I want to share a story of a farmer100 customer with you.

He is a teenager who is interested in runescape and has played the game for a few years. However, with the daily increasing homework, he has not much time to play games. In this case, he chose rs farmer100 to sell him high level runescape account. 

After telling the account information to seasoned farmers, he had to wait for a few days. While sometimes farmer100 live chat is off line at that time, so that he can’t contact farmers in the first time, he felt angry and thought farmer100 scammed him. He even posted some negative farmer100 complaints on farmer100 forums.

You know, this is just a misunderstanding. Isn’t it? As a development website, farmers admit that it is their fault and feel sorry about this. Through the communication with farmer100 live chat, the customer is glad to receive the cash and have a good impression on farmer100 reviews. Now he becomes one of the most loyal farmer100 customers.

Communication is important. If you think farmer100 scam, why not try to contact farmers? 

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