Sunday, 12 April 2015

Heavensward moive is great

Judging by the SPOILACIOUS trailer, that beesh is dead. And that breaks my heart.   I didn't really think it was going to spoil that much so i watched anyway, now i feel realllllly stupid.&FFXIV Gil ; This person clearly was not watching to avoid spoilers. Thanks for ruining that for them.

Ollie, you should know FF doesn't use Phoenix Downs when they're really needed buy FFXIV Gil. They'll prolly just drop her in a lake in the middle of nowhere and call it good /sigh.   Preorder cancelled... Sure dude, how it feels buy the game later without any benefit?

 If you finished the main quest after the patch, this isn't really that much of a spoiler.  I'm pretty sure in the opening seconds it said Warning spoilers lol.  I'm glad she's dead. Wanting to abolish a system of government that has worked for hundreds of years because she was too weak to break from the Syndicate's influence.

Aldrin Lester Leyva you have to do the story to even have heavensward access.

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