Wednesday, 15 April 2015


We'll be covering the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE on a special DUTY COMMENCED today at 3pm (PT)/6pm (ET)/10pm (GMT)! Tune in and get a digest of the show, meet a new Community rep and more!
That's nice, when are you people gonna do something about the recent flood of RMT tells and friend requests?   I had to unlike this to keep it at 420. but i love this. On a non bitching and non complaining note- this game is awesome. Youtube vid please for those who missed buy cheap FFXIV Gil .

Gonna be enjoying my free trial on my new account since xKaizerbeasTx13 was a asian account. Also got Final Fantasy XIV PC Limited Edition before I had these 2 account.& buy FFXIV Gil; I must admit I didn't really find the Heavensward talk that great since they merely were reading the slides and didn't translate anything from the Japanese live stream. Thanks Eric but this was actually feedback regarding this live stream. It was a waste of time actually, I hope they'll improve.

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