Thursday, 23 April 2015

buying DFO gold didn't get banned

I don't care enough because this game doesn't affect my personal life whether or not someone hacks you idiot. I have enough experience in dfo to have more than what hackers have.   I got that too, but my guess is because I left my character open with his disassembler all night. But I buy DFO Gold didn't get banned. Just logged off.

To those of you who are mocking DFO Gold those of them who have been banned:

Okay, I think we're good. Let's just go inside now. We can go in and play some DFO, and farm some cubes, and... Steve... STEVE! They're gone! Can it already! (Durr voice) "Take that as a warning, you hackers!" Yeah, really? I think the warning was like a week ago. Calm down, bruh, they gone. You're shouting at the neighbor's dog, for crying out loud!

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