Wednesday, 8 April 2015

it is hard to level DFO with FP system

It isn't hard to lvl up really . if you started playing since Dfo launch you should pretty much have at least one lvl 58~60 character by now . and it's barely been 2 weeks. i find this actually fast paced ... you dun wanna cap your character in few days and start whining about being bored and there is nothing to do . you don't have to play with another character if you don't want to . PVP if you do you will certainly enjoy and practice your class even more . if you are in a guild arrange some events/pvp rooms with your guild mates . trust it is a lot more fun and time consuming than you think plus you get to actually practice on your class.
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Of course you can main a character with fp. i got from 1-64 solo in the 2 weeks of DFO Gold , very comfortably too. i dont see the issue....

While I fucking hate a game playing nanny for me and telling me I've played too long, it also has the plus side of getting me to either play alts or play other games. Gimme a good cash shop with a wide selection of ---PERMANENT--- avatars that I can pick and choose from (and not that "buy a gamble box that will maybe possibly give you what you want but probably not" bullshit) and I'll be a happy little dungeon fighter.

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