Tuesday, 9 July 2013

you dont need glories for abyss due to lodestones

If memory serves me right, there was confirmation in the HLF somewhere that the counter DOES include 07 and EoC accounts. Now, I can't prove it myself because I don't have access to it, but I am sure someone from HLF can confirm it.

And yes, there is a vocal minority, but there's a catch to that. If feedback is needed, who do gaming companies turn to? the vocal minority. what is a general representation of the macrocommunity (no, not the bot)? The vocal minority. So yes, while there is a "vocal minority", they very much Runescape accounts sell have the majority of the power in MMOs, so do not try to pull that argument with me; it's about as weak as Pro-EoC'ers saying Pre-EoC was bad because of the RNG.

Also, have you ever thought that you're part of that "vocal minority" since you're speaking your opinion on forums?When i got 99 rs accounts for sale  had made a lot of cash to pay for my other skills.

People that say "so if you dont like the lodestones dont use them and just grind the skills out as you used to" just dont get it. RC used to be dangerous and so the price of runes reflected the effort and risk player put into doing the skill. Now you dont need glories for abyss due to lodestones sell rs accounts and so pkers are non existent. Also there are no runners as the profit from rc is so low. The rc cape has gone from being one of the best to one of the worst, even more of a joke than hunter cape!

Why would anyone grind out rc the old way when there is no use for runes, so no profit, and no fun? Now you grind out rc using runespam which is sooo totally boring and obv makes no cash. The wildy used to be a fun place to go, but now the only people you run into are bots killing dragons.

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