Friday, 5 July 2013

RS 3 is finally coming to use

So excited!  Also, any information about Divination being available for Free Players? We have a terrific community out there and want to know!

Thanks for all of Your hard work, guys. We appreciate it.And to continue ^ will the world event in Lumbridge be for F2P too, or are those 'age quests' just for members? I'm not asking for it to become f2p, I'm just wondering rs accounts for sale.

I know you won't answer this, but here goes. You don't need to be a part, let alone the head, of the development team to recognize patterns or be aware of the large quantities of bugs that still exist in the beta. A quest (!!!), a boss (nice for the PvM lovers), and RS 3 - finally to sell runescape accounts, a month dominated by substance, and not by micro-transaction expansions. :-)

Too bad I won't be able to see the new graphics for a while - Chrome definitely won't get on my computer, period.

EoC was rushed - you've seen the results, you see the number of people online at a given time - it was a failure.
RS3 IS rushed - People with gaming rigs such as myself, that can run ANY 2013 game at 60+ FPS with 8X AA and in 1080p cannot get more than 15-20 FPS on RS3.
Either you fix the lag, or you'll end up with zero players soon, because the beta is unplayable at the moment.

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