Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Runescape was the same over the past 10 years

I can judge because I spent over 15 years as a developer, and if I had released code that had THIS much client impact, I would be fired on the spot. It's very simple really - do it right, the first time, no exceptions. Yes, that is why in the IT world there is something called a Q.A. process - and if you move out faulty code, it should be rolled back within HOURS if it's found to be that way. Says the person who found the issue Runescape accounts for sale that caused over 600 servers to be rolled back to a previous version less than 30 minutes after rolling out live.

After 8 years of play I too have lost interest in the game, mostly because of too many changes, most of my friends quit a couple of years ago, I stayed but the end has come for me as well. Thanks Jagex it was nice up rs accounts for sale until now.

Could you please fix the constant [hit enter to chat] thing that pops up every time you bank, or get attacked even with auto ret off and the action bar hidden? Could you please remove the click-able icons from the mini map space, put them outside of it. Everything else I saw today that was new, I like.

You guys need to stop crying like little kids over this picture. No one is ever satisfied whenever there is a new update or a new change. You think that any of you would still be playing if Runescape was the same over the past 10 years+? Why don't you appreciate the effort and work jagex is doing for us Runescape accounts selling? And how in the world can you judge an update in less than 1 day? Why don't you just try to play without complaining for once? I logged onto today excited to play RS3 just to see I;m banned for 115 hours for macroing... I haven't played for like 3-4 weeks and there accusing me for macroing on the 13th? Yeah right.

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