Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bring Home the Bacon was a thoroughly enjoyable little quest

Bring Home the Bacon was a thoroughly enjoyable little quest sell runescape accounts. We had a wonderful time working through it and swapping jokes and puns in clan chat.

Thanks for the fun, It was a good quest, despite being short and easy. The only part of this quest that made me think about old-style questing was the "oh god something unspeakable is happening. We can't show it, so look at this kitten instead." That brought back memories of the pirate questline. Other than that though, I'm not feeling the old-style questing vibe. Also, Eli's secrets don't exactly leave any room for "implied." No, you all but said what he was REALLY up to. Also the hip-hip-hooray was weak. Still, bacon is good.

It would be nice if the pigs dropped all the teeth, though, and not just the teeth matching the machine setting Runescape accounts for sale. Also, the bacon stacking is a bit tedious.

You're forced to stack in stages rather than be able to go from strip to heap in one action. what meaty goodness awaits me! i swear by guthix this is not old questing runescape style, and if it was then we could all say quests are about random searching of items for a un-epic storyline. Obviously we know that is not true as the ones that have seen meiyerditch, the tree gnome stronghold or other epic places with unrevealed mysteries could say, but seriously dont make such noice for such a pittiful quest...
btw: Bug detected, when you call the new pig pet sometimes it turns in the pet options display as the baby troll, hope it can be fixed.

Can't wait to do this new quest in the future...

I've heard nice reviews from buddies. (*Cheers*) Here's to bacon and it's deliciousness.  Funny quest, lacked content. Gameplay was short buy runescape accounts, and i felt like there was a lack of an ending. Just you made a demand for pigs done. I was expecting an all out elaboration/extra bit but no it was just done.

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