Thursday, 4 July 2013

Keep up the good work lads

Why do people care that it makes it easier?

All these places were easy to get to initially, but they just required items to get to. To me it seems like it's just one way of reducing the usage of backpack space on needless items that can now be avoided.

If you ask me JaGEx is doing bloody sell rs accounts good work under a lot of pressure from these cynical and pseudo-intellectual f#&*ing morons.

Keep up the good work lads .

In my previous post I meant to say ***** as in the tool u ***** in I never knew that was a bad word... I didn't say the f word wow.

These are some places that i would like to lodestone to buying runescape account.

Neitzenot and Jatizo
Mos Le'Harmless
Piscatoris fishing colony

ugh idk what to think about this update I like the fact that i will be able to travel everywhere easier but then again its making all the other ways of transportation you have to earn useless. Start increasing the world size and spread out the map more then start adding more load stones. Everything feels so cramped together and easy to get too.

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