Thursday, 18 July 2013

The runescape gods are coming!

The gods are coming! We’ll be highlighting a new god each day and letting our J Mods tell you why you should join them!
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ZAROS. His alignment will keep you where you must be. The gods are not of this world, and must not interfere with it. Guthix was right. Let the Godless prosper!  i say let the dragon kin rule, they could destroy rs accounts for sale  any god if they assembled.  zammy tried to and zaros was weak and went into hiding so he could return one day instead of dying. Why the hell are you all saying zammy.... It's Zamorak.... Will it's an acronym. A shorter vers of his name. Half these replies are painful to read; Zamorak went with an army and attacked Zaros while Zaros' army was conquering. Zamorak had to use the stone of Jas (Elder God artifact) AND the staff of Armadyl to even have a chance.

It was stated Zaros still had more power even after being impaled on the staff. His downfall was when Zamorak also got impaled on it to sell rs accounts, and a power transfer occured. Then Zaros was banished (not hiding)

Even in his absence, his presence is strong. ol, he cant stand an impale from zammy x3 Zammy stabbed him in the back like a scrub though buy runescape account a real killer stares them in their eyes. Plus Zamorak had to steal a spear from Armadyl. Zammy's got nothing on Arma or Zaros. oin Zarosian HQ fc for our Lord's rise!!

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