Monday, 1 July 2013

RS3 is coming

1.With the advancement to RS3 can we expect to see a larger leap in graphical quality from graphical updates following the change to RS3?

2. Do you design chatheads for every npc made? If so do you think it's a shame cheap runescape accounts we don't get to see them all?

3. Do you wish you could design more animal like creatures as there aren't that many and the fauna of the world is limited?

4. Would you look at the environment around where animals were situated if you were going to design them so they suited their environment sell runescape accounts?

5. Many things come from other worlds how do you keep other worlds distinct even with the craziness of Gielinor?

6. What is the thing you want to draw most?

7. We've seen concept art of some of the gods do you have designs for them all yet?

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