Thursday, 18 April 2013

General Discussion topics are repetitive

You sit there and give input on how bad the General Discussion topics are repetitive, but there is simply one thing you can do. Get up, turn that thing called your brain on, and create an original discussion. Break away from the norm. We are not stopping you. Nothing is stopping you, except for yourself.

I almost always PM jagex the discussion first to see what they say. On 2 of my topics they were disclosed by Jagex as irrelevant (not the exact words, but it was the gist of it) or that the matter was being taken care of (for all those topics about aspects in runescape which seemed problemed and discuss various answers). 

What GD needs is a kick up the backside. Maybe a wipe, or a few new rules. Since I haven't been active for over a month, I'm in no position to evaluate the standard of moderating, but as far as I can tell, that's not the problem. GD needs to tighten up a little bit, just a little. Filter off the weekly whats your favourite outfit or what if you had a party hat set threads, and encourage people to create some slightly off the wall but relevant and interesting threads; approaching familiar issues from a different angle. As a former GD poster, I found that it's the controversial threads that are often among the most popular. If people had a real reason to post (other than for raising their post count,) they would be more likely to put a bit of effort into them. 

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