Friday, 26 April 2013

get starlight ore and starborn diamonds

Solomon's store actually makes sense; I support cosmetic microtransactions. But XP, coins, and weapons? That gives rich kids an unfair advantage.

So mining any ore has a chance of yielding starlight ore and starborn diamonds? Is there a greater chance of yield when mining higher level deposits like mithril than there is while mining iron?

Couldn't think of an update for this week so you decided to to throw what, a few years ago, would have been unlockable content for all to enjoy onto the wheel, and telling the players to buy buy BUY!

Didn't you all say you'd cut down on the promotions? That they were dominating the release schedule? Stuff like this is exactly why 07scape will be your main game in about 6 months, or whenever players see how awful Rs3 is.

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