Friday, 12 April 2013

Do you support for Old School Runescape

Do you like old school Runescape?

where on like 35k players at least everyday all paying members i wonder in eoc how many of the players at your peak times are paying members? yet you support eoc with free servers but not rs07? rs07 has gone off to a good start and i reckon with f2p servers back it would be up there with eoc! and eventualy bring in more paying members for 07.

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well...had jagex let the f2p vote, there was going to be more than enough pep to get to the mark, making the game completely free anyway...once the memberships run out, players that are in just so they could vote are going to feel it as a let down and leave...reducing the players on the 07 server that is free for the pep that might not want to play it...weird loop of mess ups...almost as bad as how world wakes, song of the deep, salt in the wound and ritual of the mahjarrat were made...

Will you guys not evan consider rs07 been free in the near future? im a paying member and think without f2p players been able to join eventualy 07 will go down hill? why dont you guys put a cap on lvls or something on f2p get new people in and hopefuly they will buy membership afterwards?

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