Tuesday, 16 April 2013

HTML 5 Beta starts next week

Good news, Runescape adventures!

HTML 5 Beta starts next week. How excited are you?

Glad someone said it; I don't know what happened to the community; people just too bitchy now lol.

Runescape has the most cry baby community out of all online games i think. i personally love the Eoc and can't wait for HTML5. Why not buy runescape account to join newly HTML5?

The Eoc was an ok update.. i am not going to hate on it.. but the way the game started is what made it to where it is today.. the only thing i can complain about is the faceted they changed the cb lvl appearance and the lvl of wielding rune on the game.. haah

Seth, as my dear sweet Southern mother used to say, some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope.

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Looking forward to news about HTML 5 runescape?

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