Sunday, 14 April 2013

Runescape Community Roundup

It does involve higher costs to maintain servers for two separate versions of RS - we would love to be able to offer old school free of charge, but it's simply not possible at this point in time.

I love Eoc you just need to know how it works... first I didn't like it untill they made the quest the world wakes. I came back to eoc for that quest and now I can’t stop playing.. Just give it a change and if you don’t like it stop complaining and go to 07server. If you like EoC, just buy rs account to play Runescape in P2P world.

Micro transactions bring money in though, its expensive to update a game this big every week or so, and with more money coming in the bigger and more creative the team and the better and more content we get. Think of it this way, Jagex is the only developer i've seen to give constant content updates in the volume and quality they do.

 My question is what happened to there never being microtransactions? Wasn't that one of the big things JaGex always said they would never do as a company? Not trying to start anything, just curious. JaGex has an outrageously large flow of income, I am sure that microtransactions were not needed to be introduced.

Just stop complaining about the EoC if you hate it play 2007, if you like it play the main game. Simple is that. If you want to get full access to Runescape, you can search for where to buy runescape accounts to join Runescape membership.

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