Thursday, 25 April 2013

Runescape become better since 2012

Anyways, The updates made the game too 'heavy' for a browser game, to start. Then, The updates made it like every other else game in the internet, basicly, Runescape is just another one instead of being 'The One'.

RuneScape was stupid before. It was too hard, punishing, and quests were annoying. The updates since 2012 have been the best things that happened in RS ever. C'mon, hate me, haters.

This year, I decided to buy runescape account. I really enjoyed a lot than past two years.

This update puts the design of the screen in your hands. It completely gives you free reign to alter the whole layout to the format that best suits your style of gameplay. I think Jagex must appeal many players to buy runescape account.

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