Friday, 28 June 2013

it's about being able to farm Inferno mode with gear in Diablo III

Spending countless hours grinding in hopes that I find a 1/1000 item I can sell on the AH because I know I won't find anything I can use, is not exciting too me. Sure it's MY enjoyment that is affected, but I think out of what 12m purchases only around 600k log in monthly Diablo III account? I have the feeling I am not alone. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoy the game Kyle, and it's obvious that people really wanted to like Diablo III or there wouldn't be so much hate. I'll hop on again when the patch that is supposed to fix how boring everything is happens. Itemization. Now too bad they couldnt fix the boring Stat  buy d3 goldsticks and everything being tied to weapon DPS.

I remember in Diablo 2 when the game was about playing the game and trading. Now it's about being able to farm Inferno mode with gear you can't buy until after you farm Inferno because people don't seem to understand that simple rule.

Actually false. The Auction House plays a big part of a person enjoyment. Drops are vastly lowerd by Blizzard to stimulate use of the AH. They admitted this. The console version even had the drop rates increased. So yes, Diablo III is well known for being Auction House tycoon. If that's what you enjoy, no hate. Glad you enjoy that type of game. Me personally, I am still awaiting Diablo III's release.

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