Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Donna didn't realise that these plants

Donna didn't realise that these plants 'having a sharp taste' was meant to be taken literally.

Im returning to rs. Quit because i hated how long it took to train in 07, now looking back eoc wasn't that bad.
runescape money

Mod Phoenix, can you kill all the bots in world 302 on old school servers in the Rouge's Den? It would be a big help. Sincerely, Im Sebastian to buy cheap runescape gold <---rsn

theres alot of bots, Scammers, etc at GE where gonna need a real nuke!!!Each RuneScape era has its charm. What are you up to in the main game now? ~Run regeneration was the worst...I like what Runescape has evolved into.
EoC has literally evolved into a game that became too easy and so you're calling 07 too hard lol.

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