Saturday, 11 May 2013

What can you do if you are Monks on Diablo 3


Monks Diablo 3 new career, design concepts from the DND, joined the the Oriental monks inspiration (in fact, I want to say Shaolin monks). Although monks and barbarians with melee, but both are very different. The monks special emphasis on combos and percussion rhythm is a forward and attack, retreat, good hosts, to take the enemy and put their heads career. The most interesting is the design of monks won the essence of martial arts, and even the skill name with a strong taste of Chinese Kung Fu diablo 3 account sale.

Occupational characteristics

The monks are very sense of the operation of a career, but also a great need for flexible operation career. Monks basic moves with even strokes of the characteristics of consecutive use basic moves (Thunder Fist, deadly long fist) there will be batter addition, especially third measure is particularly sharp. Select monks will definitely bring you the thrill of playing Chinese Kung Fu.

Team positioning

Monks can be understood as a death, can be invincible, but also increase the blood battle thief. Due to the presence of the mantra, and many buff, debuff, he is the biggest contribution to the team, almost all skills are consumed energy, so the effort to master a very important and difficulty, the monks can not be regarded as pure melee Diablo 3 account.

Because he has a lot of normal attacks can be extended to outside the scope of the melee, which he the Solo great advantage of one of the reasons. A good monks should trigger special effects skills by mastering the use of energy, and trigger the third attack, the biggest keep own team buff and debuff. Although the monks have added the blood skills, but noted that the full level to strengthen the Light 1w treatment, and purgatory monster attack than too fragile, so difficult, do not rely on the treatment of monks.

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