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the story of Wizard


Female Master Isendra broke into my room, hot pursuit of a young girl in the back. It is like fire and ice as two men can not be with each other. Isendra has a queen-like dignity, wearing senior Lvpao and gold, and that the girl reminds me of a bird. Her head is spinning around, look around projection, marvel at the variety of things around: my books on the shelves, filled with strange liquid and powder bottle, even I do not know useful Arcane devices. Girl's gown was covered with sweat and dirt, but rags. Even said she was a wandering in the bazaar Tim Carr, a rarity in to start a small wealthy beggar, I am afraid that some people believe it. Her dark hair everywhere tangled, dry and brittle, but also, and her body covered with caked up and down, like dust and dirt. Her skin was sun tan brown, chapped lips peeling.

"So, this is the girl?" I asked Isendra, watching her body in front of it matted child.

Isendra think this girl is very suspicious. "I found her in the courtyard, and the Matiz, Allen and Tali Ya duel." Female mage's voice was unpleasant. "They hungrily accepted her challenge."

"Duel did not seem to give her what impact." I said. "Anybody else?"

"Matiz and Alan have been treated. Tali Ya only hurt her self-esteem."

Girl listening to this restatement grinned.

"Perhaps so much the better." I said. "Let the three learn what humility is also good and I was late again cooking them."

"But you're going to be cooking for me, old man." The girl says. Her voice was straightforward, arrogant and full of self-righteous self-confident children.

"So she will speak." I told Isendra smiled.

"She would say." Isendra said coldly. "And say a lot."

"Who are you?" The girl asked. "Why have you brought me here?"

"I was Foerseke, Feisijieli high-level members, but also Yi Shali temple magic faction leaders."

The girl was silent for a long time, looked me up and down.

"You're that old guy?" She finally spoke asked.

I smiled. "Tell me, little girl, who you are, come here to do? There must be more than you wanted to put my apprentice sent hospitalized more important purpose."

"My name is Erica and I was not a little girl," the girl says. "I am a Mystic."

"It is a bold self-referral." I said. Saw this girl with a Cabalist panache, I spent a lot of time just hide how much fun to live their own hearts. Cabalist, history's most infamous mage to get the title, mention that they are mortal awe, to familiarize themselves with those who spoke them Arcane feat is fear in the heart.

"I'm not just talking about it." Said Li Min intimidation.

I raised a hand to comfort her. "Then prove it to me."

I'm not finished, gust of wind suddenly blew my desk, the top sheet of paper, books, ink, and other things are all blown away, fall to the floor again and again into a ball. I behaved quietly, so the girls think I would also like some insight. Erica with open arms to the left, in her upturned palm, straight into the roof of the two groups appeared flames. The impact of hot air blowing her hair whipped live flame light shines in her brown eyes.

I shrugged: "But the trick is to call magician."

Li Min Zhang mouth in frustration. She recovered with both hands, the flame disappeared, but the feeling is still hot long refundable. Again her arm movements, bright red-orange ribbons erupted in the center of the table as I writhed like a dragon dance. She waved again, a line of books from my bookshelf slippery down, hanging in the air. She let the other side of the room they are in a row, and then spiral wrapped around her, as if caught invisible whirlwind. Then, pick a local one, she stacks them into a throne shape. She sat inside, facing me.

Li Min pick pick eyebrow, I slowly drum several palm as a response.

"This is the limit you do, little girl?" I asked. I'll Shouyi Bai, on my desk moment extinguished the flames, her seat collapsed under the piles of books are also stalls. Erica bounce body while before a fall. "People fear what they call Cabalist person. Cabalist repeatedly send the world into the brink of destruction, this pregnant frantic strength Master can spell let the earth shake. Them and the flames of hell demons exchanges, reached We were all able to destroy the agreement that they can avoid death and destroy any life, while you have to do is confuse an old things in his desk arson. "

"I can do more." She said rebuttal. "One day, I will become the greatest one Cabalist."

"According to my experience, a person can spend much of his life to work on time, it is ultimately disappointed in their achievements."

"Have you ever heard Herron Valley miracle?" She asked.

"I have heard the story that took place there. Concerning a drought, and a young girl trying to solve the problem." Man I do not care to say. "I remember they seemed to call her Cabalist."

"I'm the guy Cabalist." Erica said proudly. "No rain for months, Herron dry river water flow into fine, dry brown land into the valley where people wait for the gods to save that in addition, there is no other way, but I know I can do it all God does not want to do. "

"Perhaps you do not blaspheme the gods so easily go better." I said.

Her disregard for my bother. "I found out I could find every drop of water from my deep underground pond will attract it out on the last touch of the water and bed together and I will be full of water into the air, trying to create a storm . Initially nothing happens, people say I'm just a girl Luanhui hands praying for rain, but I know I can be successful. few hours later, the clear sky darkened. originally empty place emerged thin dark clouds spread over the horizon, and even covered up the sun. dark cloud into the night colors, woven into the clouds full of rain, shadows enveloped the entire valley. had laughed at all my people believe. thunder echoed in every directions, lightning flashes in the dark the air becomes humid, my skin can feel the mountain mist floated moisture. mist droplets falling into a heaven, then turned into light rain, drizzle became a downpour. earth absorbs all the water, Herron became torrential river which is all I can do is. "

Isendra skeptical. "No child can do such a thing."

"You can not do does not mean I can not do." Erica contrast more than her older two-year-old female mage said.

"I did the same, and you can not believe." My Isendra said. "But I found that she was telling the same facts and although she omitted some details."

Erica smile was gone, but her face still with a haughty expression.

I went on to say: "In the rain fall after this drought lasted for several months again, but more serious than the previous People began to buy Diablo 3 items accuse bring them rain Cabalist."

Erica voice softened and said: "once praised me, expect me to be away. Promised my parents I just want to help, I do not know what Diablo 3 item the result would be like this."

"People do not trust the Master. They are afraid they can not understand all of the Temple in Yi Shali trained mage understand your risk of doing things." I smiled. "But I very much doubt that they have the ability to do sell diablo 3 account the same thing and you."

Erica felt my attitude change. "That taught me."

"I thought about it, but I also tasted the bitterness of you, I do not know where you have to learn the necessary conditions. Whom you want to learn a lot of things, to get rid of a lot of bad habits, I suspect you have not insist in the end of the determination. "

"How can you say that? I am better than you all of the apprentices to be strong. Recruited them, I will let you experience look! You think I can play against you, old man, I do not mind, I crossed the sea and deserts to come here, I have to study here. "

"This is not a decision you do have the power to decide that I." I said.

"Let me teach her." Isendra said suddenly.

"What?" I asked.

Erica looked suspiciously female mage.

"This is what the girl who, just like you said, probably will not have results, but I like you saw in her potential because one day we'll need her strength, and regret having put her away." Isendra smile. "And, I seem to see some in her own shadow."

Erica shook his head. "But I do not want you, I want this old man to teach me."

Isendra displeasure and said: "You should be happy I'm the king of war and hell when you still exist only in the imagination of your parents and I, but not to show the strength, so I'm fully qualified to teach magic to a rude Children, of course, this is just my suggestion. "

"Then I refuse your proposal." Erica said.

I have to consider whether or not to silence recognized this mentoring relationship. Isendra of superior ability, and I can almost unbeatable, but with her experience, should be able to continue attracted to this girl's interest. I'm just worried about certain parts. "

"You were both quiet." I stood up and said. "Isendra knowledge of the elements of magic no less favorable than me, and I believe that you and she will be on each other to find a lot of common interests. For you, there is no better tutor if I were you, I would pray that I did not let Isendra want to reconsider. You can accept her, or let us see what he can do with your degree in history has plenty nothing was forgotten Cabalist. "

Erica biting her lips. "I decided that the powers are not you?"

"Yes." I said. "You did not."

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