Monday, 6 May 2013

Something you don't know about Runescape and Jagex

I've found out from some people close to the friends of Jagex staff the full truth of Runescape failure!

Hacking has happened to over 95% of accounts which aren't simply one stat item collecting bots.

The way the majority of hacking has happened is the Jagex staff tell their mates how to hack accounts just by name and then those so called friends go and tell their mates as well. In the end lots are knowing how to hack without anything apart from the account name. I know now this is clearly how my account was hacked 3 times. Clearly by trying to be outspoken for honesty and making the game fair, all it does is attract a scum hacker that decides you are a perfect target. Apparently it's the more experienced people in Jagex mostly to blame and such an unfair lot to the decent workers there that they force the honest people out one way or the other. Even these upset people have gone online to let the public know how to hack accounts and rs gold as well, but this now hits even more of us honest players.
This simply seems like Internet Fraud and they use the addictiveness of the game to control it.

Years ago, my account was hacked. Company did nothing to assist with the problem. I recovered it on my own and then never returned. I spent money on rs money and all went away with the account. There is a fair amount I am willing to put up with, that is not one of them. Also, the graphics are old, the controls are dated and there isn't much going for Runescape these days.

I stopped playing about 8 months ago now. What pushed me away? The community did. Most of the time I felt like I was sitting in with a bunch of first graders. When I found out my clan leader was 8, I decided to call it quits.

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