Thursday, 16 May 2013

wilderness in RS

There are years since rs got popular.

However, the Wilderness that we know today is quite different from six years ago when free runescape money is in urgently short supply. This article is a overview of the Wilderness that is the most important place for you to gain Combat XP.

Runescape Wilderness is a huge large area for people to wander upon and fight with each other. It was once considered as the biggest profitable land to make rs money and skills training, since you can kill players here. Also, it was deemed as one of the effective ways for newbie to lose their fortunes. It is a place that you should have high level runescape account and it is strongly suggested you not go to Wilderness alone if you don’t know Runescape accounts selling to form a group and join the player killing.

You should be carefully enough when you step into the Wilderness as it is extremely dangerous, which many high level players crowed here to kill players to gain Combat exp and earn rs money by picking up your bones or skull. If you attack first in the Wilderness, there will be a skull placed over your head. You should keep panic and run if you are failing in a battle with valuable items. You can farm a lot of rs gold by yourself. If you begin to kill in Wilderness, the skull over your head is a sign that show you are a PKer. If you die, you will never get back your items except that you had protection items pray on. And the Skull will on your head lasting about 20 minutes before you die. If you are talented to kill players in Runescape, it is strongly recommended you go to Wilderness to kill as many high level players with a team of players which consists at least 12 players in case you get damaged or die in a battle. 

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