Friday, 3 May 2013

Party hacks

Take the hint, Jagex--the charm sprite update went over well with people because there wasn't a SOF/SGS update tacked along with it for the first time in about 8 weeks. Despite whatever the dubious substances you've been injecting yourselves with have been telling you, you don't have to release a SOF/SGS update with every content update. Go for more than one content update without a SOF/SGS expansion and I guarantee you the world won't end cheap runescape accounts--you'll even see more positive feedback!

You should create weapon and armor skins (that's INTENTIONALLY INTERESTING).

Like something bad-ass and different from content we see in the game. Maybe for a 2-hand sword it can be based off and ACTUAL 12th century broadsword with a creative twist and armor skins that has a creative design (like how Final Fantasy is creative with their armor/weapons) or something 
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Just a suggestion, but I can guarantee it'll be much more interesting than this stuff because THE COMMUNITY WANTS IT.

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