Friday, 3 May 2013

Fairy Dragon

I’d like to know the backstory of all the first stepping and influence the gods have on humans, and see how they started their worship of them, kind of like guthix bringing humans through the portal.

1.      How does the mysterious force present in Tolna's Rift (experienced in the quest A Soul's Bane) tie in to the Zaros storyline? The events of the quest are never mentioned in any other quests, and it seems like it would be very relevant to the Zaros storyline. Is it Zaros, one of his followers, or something else entirely such as the location where Zaros' abandoned body resides? 
2.      The ancient elven queen Glarial has a symbol of Zaros on the tomb that contains her urn. What is Glarial's connection to Zaros? Likewise, what is Zaros’ connection to Seren, if any runescape sell accounts?
3.      Why are there Iron and Steel Dragons around Ghorrock? Does Ghorrock have some kind of connection to the Dragonkin accounts for sale runescape?
4.      Will the builder of the Dominion Tower ever be seen ingame?
5.      The decaying tome in the tunnel beneath Burgh de Rott seems to be written in the perspective of Lord Drakan and seems to indicate that he is searching for something called Zamorak’s Bane. What is Zamorak’s Bane and why would Lord Drakan be after it?
6. Why were the laboratories beneath Meiyerditch abandoned?
7. Will we ever see Senntisten in all of its former glory?
8. What is the conspiracy that seems to surround the Mobilising Armies activity? One of the NPCs there mentions a massive conspiracy, what is it?
9. How are fairies tied to the lifeforce of Gielinor? When the Fairy Queen gets injured Martin the master farmer says that crops are dying. Are they like the Dragonkin are with the Stone of Jas? Does this make K’klik the Fairy Dragon an Elder Dragon?

10. Will K'klik the Fairy Dragon 
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11. Who did K’klik the Fairy Dragon originally give his Dragon Token to?
12. Tarn Razorlor writes in his diary that the temple he discovered in the Haunted mine beneath Burgh de Rott was built long ago, and mentions that it may have been built to house some sort of treasure. Who built it and what was its purpose?
13. Who did Azzanadra originally send to retrieve the Frostenhorn

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