Tuesday, 7 May 2013

runescape money making through Woodcutting

If you want to make runescape money, you may want to train skills at the same time. This article will give you a good way to earn rs money, and at the same time, you can train your Woodcutting.

Woodcutting is not a skill you will want to rush, the hatchet's won't be out yet. However! there are still ways of making money. Cutting down regular logs for shaft's will bring you some gp's and if your combining the 2 skills you could boost your income.

Later on when hatchet's are coming into the game you will want to rush it and cut willows until you can cut yew tree's. Yew and even magic trees will bring you a steady income of gp. You will probably get somewhere around 300-400 per yew log & around 1.000 gp per magic log. 

Maple trees could be cut, but the profit will not be that massive. Around 100 gp per log.

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