Friday, 17 May 2013

How to deal with Google's personalized search SEO impact

Google search results to personalize because for a huge number of search user base of Google's own opinion no longer apply, because not anyone think that Google's search results are good that best meets their own demand. So, Google throw the burden of the user, allowing users to decide what kind of results is most suited to their. For SEO, this is a revolution, may affect the life and death of the revolution. However, before the outbreak of the revolution, in fact, Google has secretly told SEO prepare in advance.

In May this year, Google introduced Rich Snippets, the search results display rich content (side Rich Snippets) can show some special code marking rich media.

In September, Google anchor link to jump (Jump to) function is enabled in the search results can be displayed in the search results a summary of the text link to jump directly to a page anchor.Since I need to submit bookmark about diablo 3 account sale and runescape account, it has problem . If you want to solve it, insist on reading my SEO blogs.

Also in September, Google anchor link in the search results do further promotion: named anchor link sites can use to identify the paragraph of the page, Google will brief description of the following in the search results to add additional links to help the user to jump directly into the page a paragraph. " This is very similar to the previous sitelinks, but the effect of this pseudo-sitelinks much easier.

There is the most vulgar, commonplace things - content is king. In order to win in the user individual will determine the ranking of search results Google search, you need to provide enough satisfaction to the users website content, to ensure that the summary of the results of your search can attract the user clicks the corresponding web content that allows users to remember your website to the next search recalled this a good experience. Otherwise, the user dump you play like, is not laborious. More than a few clicks the user unknowingly other sites, you disappeared without a trace Liao ~

November Google part of the search results replace the original URL of the page is displayed for the page where the link-level, that is, the so-called Google search results in the "bread crumbs navigation. Site to achieve such a result is more simple, effective breadcrumbs displayed on the page. Of course, whether the display is to look at Google mood.

These, in fact, there is no point to improve search ranking with seo basic purpose: to get traffic related, these ornamental effect to enhance search results CTR. Real-time social XXX in Google personalized search results page ranking really is no longer the most important factor to consider, but one of the most. A station, as long as the ranking to get home, you can still skillfully deflected the low ranking for high traffic.I have years of experience on SEO. Once I committed to selling Diablo 3 account. I usually write guides for d3 players about d3 account skills training and d3 gold making.

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