Monday, 3 June 2013

why keep complaining diablo 3

allow me to ask you haters why do you keep complaining about the game ? some like it some don't thats the way it is with every game... if you don't like it then why is it that you don't just unliking and do comment on something you like or play a game you like... its not that hard really Diablo 3 account buy.

I just simply don't understand ppl who complains about a game when it is released, of course the game includes bugs etc... that's why we get patches and so on, same thing with WoW, it got better and better with patches but these last expansions has just screwed the whole game. D3 is simply getting better and better all the time, just give it some time ffs. Haters gonna hate d3 items!

 well i dont know about US servers ... the EU are pretty much DEAD .... last time when i was on , 2 weeks ago for few minutes, and logging in for few days str8 to actually see how many people are playing , there wasnt more than 30 people online, the EU forums is dead as well ....i think we have reached the point of people just ' don't care at all about blizzard games anymore ' , they failed hard.... for anyone who thinks this game needs expansion, he's wrong, because they need major fixing to this game to be done, and than maybe add an expansion... but knowing people, i bet 90% will buy expansion no matter what.I might buy SC2LoTV, and that secret MMO of their depending what will be, only time will tell.... but that mmo is not coming for another 5+ years AT LEAST all in all, wow i still a nice milking cow  we could go on and on about fails for days about this company it makes no difference, people will buy their crap stories, awesome trailers and fail delivered products over and over again

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