Tuesday, 4 June 2013

how to find diablo 3 items

I like the golden light that reaches for the sky and that sound effect when one lands... but then, i know the chances of it being any good still are low.

Low chance to drop
Lower chance to be good when it drops Diablo 3 items.
sometimes I feel the same too. Now that I am p100 sometimes I don't even feel like finish a run . Nothing to look for so far diablo 3 account.

In other games i like the rush of possibly getting some awesome looking piece of gear that helps me smash the baddies, and makes me feel like a hero.

I have lots of positive things to say of D3. An I have as many negitive.

The thing I like most about finding items, would be drop itself, legendry of corse. The thing I dislike most is it seems that 1 in a million is any good :-(

l am still yet to find that 1 Diablo 3 items for sale.

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