Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jagex stop begin so freaking generous

The free items for members are currently the Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair

Wow Jagex stop begin so freaking generous! Giving free what loyal members already have for free, you guys are a pathetic joke. I'm sorry, what? Bigoted? Are you serious? A bigot calls dark-skinned people the "n" word. This just further shows how childish some of you people are. Most of you are just complaining about things you never even wanted before now and never showed an inkling of buying. I'm not saying "perfectly fine to be slapped in the face by Jagex". i'm saying you need to runescape accounts for sale have your nappy-nap.
SO Jagex, what the hell you think you doin?

I log into to A BLOODY BEER COMMERCIAL????????

WTF GIVES???????


SMARTEN THE **** UP !!!! You. People rs gold for sale like you are the reason I am embarrassed to play this game.

People like you who drop to the floor like a 4 year old and start kicking and screaming!

People like you are the reason Jagex doesn't reply to people very much.

People like you are the reason I don't want to play sell runescape account this game! People who basically scream at people.

Jagex isn't some faceless punchbag for abuse! They are people like you and me and deserve to be talked to with respect!


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