Saturday, 22 June 2013

SoF is used to promote players buying runescape accounts

There's a reason I've never bought a single spin despite doing well enough to buy some every now and then. It's because I don't like cheating and paying real money to get in-game gold and experience on the Squeal of Fortune definitely feels like cheating to me. :@

Seems as if your interests lie only in milking the players on the main game and sucking up to the OutdatedScapers.Thats about 20 spins not including any found or gained. The Genie bottle will likely be on rare, will likely get that within the promotion and get the lamp pieces from Skilling and Killing for buying runescape account.

I can see a lot of people making the lamp of djinn without the need to purchase spins.

Can only make one of the Lamp of Djinn, with a max of 2 as you can win one. I mean over the time of the promotion you get 2 spins or 3 spins if gold member a day. so 20 or 30 spins. I can see a lot of people getting sell runescape account the lamp of djinn without the need for purchasing is all i am saying.

Ah, my apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought you meant you'd spun 20 spins without getting any lamp parts.Another great promo for the better off players who don't do grinding as
they'd get their hands dirty. So much for teaching players that buying xp
is much easier than actually working for it. And of course this minority of
spin buyers you suck up to EVERY freaking week now will also get rs gold buy
with spins but you don't care anymore Jagex you money grabbing lying

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