Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What's the point in playing D3 right now

I have sold over 100 Cain's Memory two weeks ago after the crazy patch 1.0.8 influx of players. Now things are starting to settle back to normal, and although I can still sell just as many Cain's Memory, I really can't make more than 100,000 gold per item. Previously I was earning 600,000 - 800,000 gold per piece with a socket in it.

Why did this item sell so well? Because people made new characters or returned to the game. Guide owners knew to target low level players when patch 1.0.8 came out, and I actually did a ton of videos on diablo III accounts for sale randomly identifying rares farmed just prior to the patch.

 What's the point in playing D3 right now?
Some people genuinely enjoy grinding endlessly. More power to them. Personally, I just log into D3 every so often, do a few Paragon levels or try out a new character, then go play another game for a while buy d3 items. Keeps the game fun for me.

    Just wondering as what's the point in grinding all the time at max level even if you're paragon level 100 i've seen streamers just continuously grind, reason i'm asking is I checked the RMAH and dosnt look like things are selling for that much anymore and there's a lot of great items for really cheap on the gold AH.

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