Monday, 24 June 2013

balance out your stats for barbarian

As barbarian, you will need to be able to balance out your stats. If you go for tank only stats, you will have issues. If you pick too much damage and will not be tanky enough, you will have issues as well and will keep dying.

I would say that +All Resistances is the MOST IMPORTANT stat for barbarian (at least until certain point).  If you don’t have any resistances, you will get insta-killed by champion packs in inferno. Monks have easier time with resistances, because they can just stack one resistance of their choice and all of their other resistances will profit from it. It is not same for barbarians. We need to balance all resistances. Sure, sometimes they might prove useless. But if you stack one type of resistance and then face champion pack with Diablo 3 account buff that you don’t have any defense for, you will die and will be forced to skip it.

Here are my rough estimates on the resistances you need for Diablo 3 items for sale each act if you want to be relatively tanky and abstain from dying while fighting champions:

For Act I you will need around 300-500 all resistances.

For Act II – 500-800

For Act III – 800-1000

Act IV – 1k+

While these numbers might seem high, remember that War Cry with Impunity rune will help you achieve them.

While for example act II is doable with 500 resists, you might be struggling at it with such res values (especially while doing some nasty champ packs). If you want to just go in and kill stuff without taking damage that can threaten you Diablo III accounts, you need to have the maximum value for certain act (in that case: 800+ resists).

Also remember that sometimes you might be able to do certain act with lower res values than suggested, if you are sacrificing some of them in favour of damage. Basically - the more damage you deal, faster the mob dies. Logical right? Sometimes offense is a best defense.

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