Friday, 7 June 2013

Monks guides on diablo 3 items Since 1.08 Patch

Since 1.08 Patch repair team mode under the monster's blood, plus there is an additional incentive to team up mode Diablo 3 items.

Now makes a single brush is not the mainstream, with the base of the faithful as a team not only to play together also a rich reward.

At the same time, tanks monks began the subject of attention, all aspects of Build let other occupational used once say good, but ......

In the monastery there are still a lot of layout players for tanks with a variety of issues monks, also gave birth to the idea of ​​making this post.

An "attribute weights."

The following properties only for monks to analyze the tank.

[Main attribute]

1 Strength: 1:00 forces can bring 1:00 armor, armor for monks poor and weak are a great help.

2 Agility: Agility brings dodge chance (descending), with the first hole candle machine brings 1:00 2:00 agile armor.

3 Intelligence: 10:00 1:00 intellect can bring all resistance, monks Heaven itself, does not recommend investing in intelligence.

4 Stamina: 1:00 physically able to bring 35 points value of life, no matter what the circumstances are not recommended below 60,000 value of life buy diablo 3 items.

[Attack attributes]

1 Attack Speed: Tanks monks lives depend hit recovery, so attack speed is higher the better, and a minimum of not less than 2.2.

2 Critical Hit Chance: Tanks Monks refined gas recovery depends crit, so crit chance is as high as possible, a minimum of not less than 40%.

3 crit damage: Due to injury stays low crit damage even if it will not significantly increase the damage to see their likes  Diablo 3 account selling their own investments.

[Defensive attributes]

2.2 attack speed, 40% crit chance, 700 all resistance, 4000 armor 60000 value of life, 1,000 hits life restored.

These attributes are possible depending on their financial resources, to adjust status, such as dual wielding weapons require a slightly higher value of all resistance and armor to compensate.

Second, the "fitted price"

The most basic set of equipment price monks how many tanks?

20 million, 20 million is not wrong, neither more nor less.

2000 Universal let you walk right under 10PP not die, if you want Zhan Zhuang need more financial support.

However, tanks monks intention is to let you use the least amount of money to achieve the highest efficiency, how much money to spend in the output equipment recommended above.

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