Thursday, 13 June 2013

in support of a ladder system

There's a big difference between "We don't want this feature" and "We decided it's worth adding after all", and sitting around for a year doodling in a trapperkeeper. The first one involves a collection of individuals changing their minds to a directly opposite viewpoint to one they emphatically took right off the bat and stood by for a long time, the second one involves people ignoring the first and assuming that it's because of ineptitude diablo 3 account sale.

t's nothing as retarded as making a sequel of a game but taking out some prominent features of the game without adding something as prominent yet keeping the style of the original in the sequel diablo3 account .

I genuinely wish it were possible for the past developers of the Diablo series to sue the heck out of the current team and their bosses for stealing the title Diablo and then not doing anything good with it. Why wasn't this game called something else with different skins and different characters? Oh, I know why: because then it wouldn't have sold millions of copies. Because Activision/Blizzard is greedy and no longer cares about the quality of their cheap diablo 3 gold  games (with the possible exception of Star Craft 2, although that's debatable).

I'm definitely in support of a ladder system. It was a big part of what made D2 fun, for myself and for many others. I would prefer they don't add any ladder-only benefits though, unless maybe giving somewhat higher drop rates to compensate for the fact that the economy won't have to hold itself up forever. Resets every 6 months or a year would be good.

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