Thursday, 20 June 2013

A healthy amount of HP is important for your barbarian

Don't get me wrong though, im not saying you should run around with 25k hp and 12% LS. I'm just poiting out that HP has lower EHP  values Diablo3 account than shown in calculators, as long as you have some form of healing.

A healthy amount of HP is important for those cases, when you find yourself in a bad situation. For example WotB falls off, you get jailed in desecration and a beam is cutting you and no mob is close to heal on. You might say it's a matter of good playing, but shit happens even to the best of us Diablo 3 items for sale. You should have sufficient EHP to survive rare situations like that and HP definetly helps here because stacking reductions/mitigation has its limits and it can be rather costly, while high HP can be cheap to get on some pieces.

The sustain of healing is of great importance. Depending on the build you play, you should have a good amount of LS and/or LoH. It's also important for fighting reflect damage packs. Life regen is not really a stat to aim for stacking high, it simply happens to be on gear sometimes.

LS is an amazing form of healing, but depends on your dps and ability/possibility to attack several enemies. Since it scales with dps buy d3 gold, you can think of dps upgrades as healing upgrades too. In general you should get more than 3% LS, meaning 1 item is not enough. 5-6 is cool.

LoH is not suited for every build, but can be great for WW or fast attacking builds, in combination with LS. Amount of healing from LoH depends on the proc coeficient of the ability you use multiplied by LoH amount and your AS/APS (breakpoints may apply).

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