Wednesday, 5 June 2013

three tips for Witch Doctor of Diablo III

tip 1

If you have just started buying equipment, and began to play the witch doctor, I strongly suggest you use the hands and arms, is the legend: aunt - Adams Cowan.

Looking for a white 1350 or more, 300 or so intelligence explosion injured about 190, 5.5 vampire with a hole, make sure enough you for so long 
diablo III accounts.

Moreover, this investment is definitely the best value of weapons inside.

tip 2
Alone talk about: BUG hammer. Why do so many equipment alone it? Just started playing with friends, you will see no matter what trading platform, or Kane trading, BUG hammer is absolutely flying, "Artifact." Naturally, this is the price to fly ......

So in order to play with a friend just started not to waste gold, I personally recommend, please do not blindly with BUG hammer, when your other equipment, there is no standard time, BUG hammer will give you gorgeous panel, but you will like me , tough battle ...... your blue, totally can not keep up. Your blood, completely sucked it back. Of course, if you other equipment "standard", I think you have not a novice, DPS estimated to have more than 300,000, the property 
diablo 3 account buy balance, ease, then you will be your own judge, witch is suitable BUG hammer.

Or a 1200 white, + intelligence, high-explosive injury, three vampire, a hole yellow weapon for you, huh, dual wielding remember as a good choice of ancestral deputy vice. That is, we often say that the radish it.

These are purely wasted billions in gold after a personal sharing. Also hope that new players can help, do not step my footsteps 
 buy d3 items......

Also on say an on DPS grade.

tip 3

Please do not look at leaderboards. YesFirst, 50 tens of thousands of DPS, but ...... you play the game is to brush strange, team, adventure, play equipmentIf based on these purposesdo not use excessive superstition list.

Ranking There are some players can give you a little fitted orientation. But some is to punch list. You will find that you spend a lot of money lost with a set of similar equipment, but the brush strange but 
buy diablo 3 gold very tough battle, I am. At least in the tens of billions wasted in this regard, and I do not want to step my new friends footsteps.

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