Monday, 3 June 2013

join RS picture gallary

I like this. I'm not likely to participate because my image manipulation skills on a computer revolve around MS Paint :D, but it's really nice to see the community being offered more of these opportunities to show off their talents. Regrettably, I probably won't be able to submit anything for the current music contest since I've been away and busy in the last few weeks, but hopefully there will be more competitions on the way runescape gold sale!

Also, I think a really nice prize would be an exclusive title, so for the arty competitions, they could be "Artist [name]" and for music competitions "Composer [name]" or something to that effect runescape money

First of all: Congratulations to the winner and runner-ups! You've send in some truly nice work! :D

And ofr this player Gallery I might do my best and send something in. I can help Armadyl get a few followers, maybe buy rs gold. =)
I like to think that the tittle of Neitiznot's drawing is a reference to a really hard game that came out in the end of 2011 and has an anticipated sequel coming March next year , but who knows might not be.

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