Monday, 17 June 2013

Jay Wilson Rules out Diablo 3 PvP for 2013

While Jay continues to be game director and remain silent, all fingers are going to be pointed at him, including mine. However, at the same time, I’m not blind to the fact that Jay appears to have absolutely no power.

The dumbed-down console UI for a PC game… the RMAH with an item system designed around it… were these the brainchild of Jay and his team, or marching orders passed down to Jay, which as game director and a person who wanted to keep his job, had the responsibility to implement Diablo 3 items?

D3 is most likely a train-wreck due to corporate greed. And Jay is in the unfortunate position of being the face man.

I feel that Jay has a great sense of what it takes to make a good game. It’s the direction that Blizzard has recently been on since being acquired by Activision that ruined D3 … not the devs.I think so too. Jay did Dawn of War 1 which was really good. And D3 really isn’t THAT bad. I do not like all the design decisions the D3 team has made, but i think Jay is a cool guy who gets scapegoated way too much Diablo III account . I am guessing he likes actiongames and is not too much into the boring stuff, like numbercrunching and theorycrafting. What is sad because that is what i think D3 is lacking (among some other stuff).Yes, Jay was the leading RTS designer in the industry in 2006 – CoH was pretty amazing from a design standpoint.

That’s why they hired him – to lock him away and keep him from competing with the SC series. Protect the series  D3 items for sale you care about while showing contempt for the series you despise and have no hope of getting right: win-win.

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